We are a young, serious and dynamic company, formed by a team with more than 25 years of experience in the world of mechanisation.

We specialise in the transformation of raw materials to parts and assemblies of high precision, which has led us to gain the confidence of industries such as automotive, food, robotics, and also industries dealing with the automation of processes and storage.

We are used to different types of sectors, a factor that allows us to master a wide range of machinable materials such as irons, stainless steels, aluminum, plastics, bronze, copper, titanium, etc.

Our production goes from unique pieces and prototypes to large series, as well as any type of mechanical boiler product.


Strategically located within the Torre Bovera Industrial Estate of Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona), we have a technical office to provide design support and production engineering in our over  10,000 sq ft warehouse. This makes our location  ideal for the continuous displacements needed at a company dedicated to the integral service of machining.


Competitive comprehensive service

We understand that one of the determining factors for the success of a product is its production cost; for this reason, we constantly optimise our processes to help all our clients position themselves in the market.

Work focused on quality

Each of the pieces we manufacture is made by highly qualified personnel, with state-of-the-art machinery and high quality standards.

Reliability in the delivery deadlines

As manufacturers of key parts of productive chains, we understand the impact of timely deliveries. We continuously improve to continue delivering all our orders just in time.


From R & D departments –which require only one piece to carry out tests–, to a production chain that requires thousands of pieces per month, we consider all our customers equally valuable.

The most important automotive assembly brands nationally and internationally recognise us for our tireless search for quality. Also, the food and automation industries (both those that are starting to launch their first products and those that are already giants of the industry), see us as a reference for production thanks to the passion we have for our work.