At Forpal we are aware that the industry is constantly evolving. Therefore, our goal is to be pioneers in the production of final and functional pieces at an industrial level through additive manufacturing.

We offer a comprehensive design and product optimisation service for subsequent 3D printing on technical materials. This way, we propose to change the paradigm and demonstrate that this type of printing is not only for prototypes but also for final pieces.

Some of the advantages of this technology are:

  • Avoid long times and high costs required by injection molds.
  • Possibility of making design modifications and changing the final product with a simple click.
  • Optimisation of the production since what was before an assembly, can now be done in one piece.
  • Flexibility and freedom in the design of parts and components as there are no production limitations; everything imagined can be produced (both a single unit and large series).
  • Possibility of printing with materials for contact with food.
  • Lighter and more functional pieces: this leads both to the reduction of weight of the final product and to energy saving if there are moving parts, since less energy will be invested in their movement.
  • Clean and sustainable production as there is no waste of materials.